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Compete is a BIG Data company

Terabytes of data come into and out of Compete every minute of the hour, 24 hours per day. Big Data doesn’t stop and at Compete, we embrace data as the currency of the future and our compass for navigating the digital ecosystem. Compete’s industry-leading panel of two million people allows for unique insights into market behavior that can take your business model to the next level. Compete’s panel is the largest behavioral panel in the world.

Why is Big Data Important?

Big Data is an enabler. In the same way that contextual information plays a huge role in understanding performance, data plays a role in understanding your users, customers, evaluators, and ultimately the market at large. The Big Data revolution is trying to put this contextual information in the situations where it can be best utilized, whether that is in prioritizing sales leads or in educating unhappy customers about product features that will meet their needs.

How much data does Compete actually serve?

Compete’s wealth of Internet behavior data is comprehensive.

  • 75 million available data points
  • 2 billion data points called in 2012
  • 6 million data points served every day