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At Compete, we know that APIs are changing the way that businesses work. Data is the lifeblood of our business and we want to empower the marketplace with Compete’s industry-leading data. We even allow other companies to serve our data via their APIs. Want to prepare your business for the future? Compete’s API can bring your company's market knowledge to the next level.

Data is the New Gold

Imagine a world in which every variable is known; the unpredictable is forecasted, risks are completely known, and all possible outcomes are accounted for. There is a famous French philosopher, Count Pierre-Simon Laplace who said that if one could understand all the variables of the universe, nothing would be uncertain, and the future, like the past, would be present before their eyes. At Compete, we know the value of powerful analytics. We strive to give our customers the insights and data that they need to predict, plan, and capitalize on market opportunities.

The Future of Big Data

Compete is an industry leader. Our panel is the largest, most diverse consumer behavior panel on the planet. With clickstream data for over two million worldwide consumer panelists, Compete can offer insights that no other company is capable of. We know that supplying this data to our customers in the most flexible way possible allows for the greatest value. That’s why Compete API focuses on being flexible, so you can do anything from creating a new advertising targeting application, to adding contextual data for sales prospects. The only limit is your creativity.