Compete API Available Metrics


The Compete API delivers accurate, reliable, and flexible digital intelligence that empowers companies to build new products and drive their businesses forward. Our clients have used the Compete API to enhance their current products, make new products and lines of business possible, and build internal reporting functionality to make more informed business decisions - just to name a few.

Premium access to the Compete API is available through an annual subscription tailored to your data-point allotment needs. For more information on plans and pricing, fill out the form on our contact page or call 866-633-8390 to speak with a representative. Read on to learn more about each of the metrics offered through the Compete API.

Monthly Data

Monthly data provides access to 25 months of traffic and engagement metrics, all powered by Compete’s industry-leading panel of millions of US consumers. The monthly metrics deliver data pertaining to the volume, frequency, and duration of visits to a domain, including the most popular metric, Unique Visitors, which represents the quantity of people that visit a domain each month.

Use Cases

Understand industry influencers, identify prospects, determine the size of a target audience, prove the value of a website, and more. The traffic metrics help you assess the popularity of a site while the engagement metrics help you determine how effectively the site retains the attention of its visitors. Together these metrics provide complete visibility into the monthly performance of any of the top domains on the Internet.

Included Metrics

  • Unique Visitors
  • Visits
  • Compete Rank
  • Page Views
  • Average Stay
  • Attention
  • Pages per Person
  • Visits per Person

Daily Data

Daily data provides access to two share-based metrics for the last 365 days. These two metrics supply information about the daily volume and duration of visitation on a website as compared to the rest of the Internet, allowing you to gauge the daily fluctuations of a website’s performance.

Use Cases

Daily data is specifically useful for adjusting tactical execution and monitoring competitive developments. Creating competitive alerting systems, monitoring the effectiveness of product launches, and overall tracking of daily traffic patterns are just some examples of how this tactical data can be used to increase your market intelligence.

Included Metrics

  • Daily Reach
  • Daily Attention


Demographics provide access to 25 months of powerful consumer demographics metrics (age, income, and gender) powered by Compete’s industry-leading panel of millions of US consumers. The cohort-based data gives you the ability to analyze and target the customer segments that you want to reach.

Use Cases

Demographics are useful for ad targeting and audience measurement. They allow you to evaluate how valuable a property’s audience is for your application, as well as view in-market consumer behavior over two years to see shifts in audiences reached by the top domains on the Internet.

Included Metrics

  • Age: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+
  • Income: 0-30K, 30K-60K, 60K-100K, 100K+
  • Gender: Male, Female


Keywords deliver the top 100 search terms that generated traffic to any domain in the last 90 days. For each keyword provided, you also receive the share of traffic it represents to the domain, the breakdown of paid vs. organic traffic it received, the average time per visit spent on site through that keyword (indexed to 100), and the total time for all visits spent on the site through that keyword (indexed to 100). This data helps you understand how search traffic is driven to websites.

Use Cases

Keywords allow you to analyze search terms based on consumer behavior, so it is extremely useful for informing search campaigns. With this API you can find high engagement keywords using the average time index, target the paid keywords of your competitors, and optimize your SEO strategy. This competitive keyword information can help to take any business's search strategy to the next level.

Included Metrics

  • Top 100 Keywords
  • Search Referral Share
  • Paid vs. Organic Share
  • Average Time Index
  • Total Time Index

Incoming Traffic

Incoming traffic provides the data needed to understand the sources of traffic to a website. With the API you gain access to the top 25 incoming traffic sites for any domain, the number of direct visits, and total visitation for the most recent month. In addition, for each referring site you receive the share of traffic that it represents (based on all visits), the change in share from the previous month, and the industry category.

Use Cases

Incoming traffic is particularly useful because of its ability to drill down into the actual sources of visitors for any website and view changes from the previous month. This data can be used to monitor partners and affiliates and analyze the growth/decline in various search engines, social media websites, or stolen traffic from your competition. You can also use the API to evaluate the most effective media types by grouping incoming traffic sources by category.

Included Metrics

  • Top 25 Incoming Sites
  • Share of Traffic
  • Change in Share
  • Category for Each Site
  • Number of Direct Visits
  • Total Number of Visits