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Compete's Monthly Metric API

Compete’s Monthly Metric API gives access to an entire suite of web performance metrics, all powered by Compete’s industry-leading panel of two million US consumers. The most popular metric is Compete’s Unique Visitor metric which represents the quantity of people that visit a domain each month, but the Monthly Metric API also delivers data pertaining to volume of site visitation, frequency of an individual’s visits, and duration of visit.

Powerful Tools for Web Measurement

Compete’s monthly metrics are the best way to understand the performance of a domain over time. All of the monthly metrics contain 25 months of historical data so you or your customers can analyze year-over-year and seasonal trends of a domain. We also have performance data on many of the most trafficked subdomains on the web. This information can be easily combined with Demographic and Daily Data to give you a comprehensive understanding of a domain’s activity and performance. Our entire database is available for you to create the KPIs that matter most to you and your customers.

Use Cases for the Monthly Metric API

The Monthly Metric API is by far Compete’s most popular API. It can be used to target influencers, identify prospects, and determine exactly how big a target audience is, and much more. Page Views, Visits, Visits per Person (Visits/Unique Visitors), and Pages per Visit (Page Views/Visits) are perfect for web traffic research and benchmarking. The Compete Rank metric is extremely useful for indexing the popularity of a website against the entire Internet, and can be used to determine how a website fits into the overall market. The final two metrics in the Monthly Metric API, Average Stay and Attention, are great for advertisers or advertising vendors to prove the value of your website. Engagement metrics provide a great view into how effective the website is at retaining a person’s attention. Together, these metrics provide complete visibility into the website performance of the market or target competition that you want to measure.