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Compete's Keyword API

Compete’s Keyword API delivers the top 100 keywords that generate traffic for any given domain. This information helps users understand how search traffic is driven to websites and empowers customers with competitive search information to use in paid search campaigns and organic content strategies. You will be able to measure the growth and decline of certain keywords within the last 90 days of activity within Compete’s panel. Compete’s Keyword API allows you to target and analyze certain keywords based on actual human behavior, so you and your customers can optimize the search traffic you receive.

Groundbreaking Insights to Shake the Competition

The data available in the Keyword API can help you and your customers to optimize their search campaigns around the market. Instead of going into battle blindly, select high traffic keywords as targets for paid search and content strategy. Compete’s search traffic data can be a prime indicator for keywords that are actually working with the market, and that have been proven to drive traffic to websites. With the Keyword API, you get a view into the actual share of search referrals for a website, percentages for the paid and natural breakdown of traffic, and some very useful engagement indexes. The two engagement indexes that are available with the Keyword API are the Average Time Index, which is a great indicator for the average amount of time spent on the site when the user was brought in with that keyword. You will also have access to the Total Time Index, which is a great indicator for which keywords resulted in the most time being spent on the website overall. Together, these engagement indexes can supply you with specific keyword targets within your competitive sets to optimize your search strategy.

Use Cases for the Keyword API

The Keyword API is extremely useful for informing search campaigns and coming up with creative solutions to traffic problems for various properties. The key is to measure the market and their growth and declines to determine if you are stealing or losing market share to your major competition, then to optimize around their strategic search initiatives. Finding high engagement keywords using the average time index can give great ideas for original content creation and content strategy across the board. You can also target highly indexed organic keywords of your competitors to steal with paid search campaigns. Compete’s competitive keyword information can help to take any business's search strategy to the next level.