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Incoming Traffic API

The Incoming Traffic API, powered by the industry-leading Compete panel of two million U.S. consumers, provides the data needed to understand the sources of traffic to a website. With the API you gain access to the top 25 incoming traffic sites for any domain, the number of direct visits, and total visitation for the most recent month. In addition, for each referring site you receive the share of traffic that it represents (based on all visits), the change in share from the previous month, and the industry category.

Use Cases for the Incoming Traffic API

The Incoming Traffic API is particularly useful because of its ability to drill down into the actual source of visitors for any website and view changes from the previous month. This data can be used to monitor partners and affiliates and analyze the growth/decline in various search engines, social media websites, or stolen traffic from your competition. You can also use the API to evaluate the most effective media types by grouping incoming traffic sources by category.