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Compete's Demographic API

Compete’s Demographic API gives access to powerful audience measurement and consumer targeting metrics. The three metrics that are available in the API are Age, Income, and Gender. All three of these metrics are normalized and powered by Compete’s panel of two million US consumers, the largest in the industry. Our large sample size allows for the most precise and accurate advertising targeting data available. Compete’s cohort-based data gives you the ability to analyze and target the customer segments that you want to reach.

Measuring Audiences Across Industries

Compete’s demographic data can give tremendous insight into the consumer profile for a web property. With millions of domains in our database, this tool can be incredibly useful for finding differences in your competitors' audiences, or trends in the industry. Compete uses cohorts, or groupings, to identify the demographic composition of a website. These metrics are powerful web measurement tools, so the data is counted as a data point per cohort. Gender metrics cost only one data point per month (since they are reverse calculable), but Income costs four data points for each month of website’s traffic that you want to measure, and Age costs six data points for each month of a website’s traffic that you want to measure. Compete’s demographic API has 25 months of data available.

Use Cases for the Demographic API

The Demographic API’s primary use case is advertising targeting and audience measurement, but it can be used in far greater capacity to determine the size and demographic composition of target markets across web properties. Basically, this means that you get a view of the consumers in the market and how shifts in offerings can change the reached audience of a web property. The data in the API stretches as far back as two years, so you can absolutely measure seasonal trends and changes in traffic demographics over time. The demographic metrics are a great solution for measuring audiences across domains and evaluating how valuable a property’s audience is for your application.