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Compete's Daily Data API

Compete’s Daily Data API gives access to two metrics: Daily Reach and Daily Attention. These two metrics can supply the information about the volume and duration of visitation on a website. These can be used to effectively gauge the daily performance of a website and give clues into peaks and valleys in performance. This data is only available one year back, but you can get incredible insights into trending consumer behavior across the Internet.

Tactical Tools to Gauge Impact

The Daily Data within the Compete API is tactical. With it, you can adjust to the trending visitation patterns of the people that visit your website and react to their behaviors. Monitoring competitive campaigns and investigating peaks and valleys can be particularly useful when you want to measure how the market is performing in advertising campaigns, launching new products and services, or even adjusting a paid search campaign’s timing to align better with peak days for web activity. With the API, you get access to 365 days of historical activity, but keep in mind that there are a few days of lag so the daily data is usually 3 days behind the actual date.

Use Cases for the Daily Data API

Daily Data is specifically useful for adjusting tactical execution and monitoring competitive developments. Creating competitive alerting systems based on changes in the data, monitoring the effectiveness of product launches, and overall visibility into daily traffic patterns are just some examples of how this tactical data can be used to increase your market intelligence.