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Monthly Metric API

Compete’s Monthly Metric API gives access to an entire suite of web performance metrics, all powered by Compete’s industry-leading panel of two million US consumers. The Monthly Metric API includes Unique Visitors, Visits, Page Views, Average Stay, Visits per Person, Pages per Visit, and Attention. Learn more >

Daily Data API

Compete’s daily data is one of the most powerful competitive tools for tactical response and impact measurement. Compete’s Daily Data API gives access to two metrics: Daily Reach and Daily Attention. These two metrics can supply the information about the volume and duration of visitation on any website. Learn more >

Demographic API

Compete’s Demographic API gives access to powerful audience measurement and consumer targeting metrics, including Age, Income, and Gender. All three metrics are normalized and powered by Compete’s two million consumer panel, the largest in the industry. Learn more >

Incoming Traffic API

Compete’s Incoming Traffic API gives access to some of the most important web analytics information available: traffic source data. Using the API, you get data on the top 25 incoming websites for any domain, as well as the direct traffic and total visitation for the domain. Learn more >

Keyword API

Compete’s Keyword API allows you to see the top 100 keywords generating traffic for any domain. This information is invaluable in understanding how search traffic is driven to websites and empowers customers to optimize paid search campaigns and organic content strategies. Learn more >